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Simplify school coordination by engaging families better, including in
distance learning environment

Read how Actionaly is evolving to provide family engagement tools in line with distance learning

What does it do?

Deliver information in the right format & priority



Field Trip


Parent Teacher Conference

and more...

Reach everyone

Any Device
App, Email, SMS

For all Families
Multi-lingual, all household structures

Across the Community
PTAs, Fundraising, Activities

Control at district level

Reporting & Action plans

Analytics & Dashboards

Single Sign-On & Integrations

What makes Actionaly different

Streamline all coordination through #ActionableMessaging

Allowing families and educators to quickly handle administrative tasks, so that can spend time on what matters most, supporting their students and their kids

Built to drive engagement for all types of families

We understand that families are all different. Split households, busy parents, single parent. We help them engage

Reach all families on any device, any language and any notification type

Achieve 100% up to date contact information and response rates from families

Prioritize key communication

Helping families cut through the noise of school communication.

Evolving to support schools in uncertain times...

Distance learning is part of the new normal

We will engage families, regardless of where learning happens; and make it really easy to go from school-based learning environments to distance learning


- Tag schools/grades/classrooms as distance learning when needed
- Enable video office hours for schools & classrooms
- Send Actionable Messages specific to distance learning
- Make homework sharing part of Family Engagement

Contact Us for any need you may have so we can best support you

Pricing Plans

Actionaly Light


  • SIS Integration for rostering
  • Administrative Functions
  • Household Capabilities
  • Newsletters & Announcements
  • Translation into 100+ languages
  • Field Trips Coordination
  • Parent Teacher Conference
  • Distance Learning Support

… and more


Light +
  • 1-1 Chat capabilities
  • 1-1 Voice calls (coming soon)
  • SMS notifications
  • Forms/Waivers/Digital Signatures
  • Family Contact updates
  • Integrated Payments
  • Administration Dashboard
  • Non-school groups & Permissions

… and more

Professional Services

Contact us for pricing
  • Registration
  • Re-enrollment
  • Custom templates
  • Custom integrations
  • Custom reporting
  • SIS & LMS Upstream Integration

Deploy Actionaly in <24 hours - data integration, personal development thanks to our partners

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GG4L Partnership

Actionaly has a unique partnership with GG4L

  • Bundled pricing
  • Single Sign-On & mobile access via Actionaly
  • Parent Access to GG4L ecosystem for the 1st time!!

"I use Actionaly way more than I ever thought I would"

"We've seen Actionaly grow within our district, allowing us to consolidate so many tools under one roof."

IT Director

Evan McKay

"We've used Actionaly for so many things when we need to reach Families"


Patty Elliot

"Technology and I don't really get along. Yet Actionaly was such an easy transition"


Alethea Traskin

Thank you to the districts that started it all!!