Schools will need to reach learners and their families for both "on-site" and "distance learning" environments

The future is uncertain; guidelines provided & quickly updated. Schools will constantly need to adapt

Administrations | Teachers | Students | Parents: all have a role to play; and that role differs based on model

Technology need to be flexible & offer solutions rather than constraints

Actionaly is your solution to be
one step ahead of uncertainty

3 principles to manage "new normal"

  • Flexibility:

    Switch from onsite to distance learning for a period of time

  • Segmentation:

    Is the whole district in distance learning? Just a school, a grade, a classroom?

  • Engagement:

    Given 'model'; how to best engage families / students / parents; & support educators to be effective

We are leveraging actionaly's powerful tech to
seamlessly navigate both models

Actionable Messaging

Family structure

Priority Communication

Measure engagement

In School

In-school templates:

Field trips - Parent teacher conferences - Registrations - Sports events - ...

Educators communicate to parents

Need to do for schools

Parent engagement


Distance templates:

Office hours - Virtual Parent teacher conferences - Document Upload - Shelter-in- place templates - ...

Educators communicate to parents & kids

Different need to do templates

i.e. assignment sharing

Parents & Student engagement

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