Actionable Messaging solves all your coordination needs

Actionable Messaging is a unique messaging format. It combines different components to build any workflows used by schools.

In other words, no need to use loads of different apps to get the engagement you need.

Examples of workflows available with Actionaly


Easily create events and track responses.


Get the support you need when you need it.

Field Trip

Organize field trips in less than two minutes.


Secure and integrated payments for any activity.


Easily create actionable forms and track responses.


Gather legal digital approvals without friction.


Keep everyone updated in real time.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Easily schedule parent teacher conferences.


Provide secure & fast online registration.

Have ideas for workflows that you'd like to see?
Great, let us know and we can get those deployed to your school district!

Our focus is families; all sorts of families

Our understanding of family is deeper than other systems. We build household and family structures, we understand that sometimes only 1 parent needs to respond; or the student needs to respond to a school request, and parents need to be made aware.

Some families have time to respond throughout the day, some just have a few hours in the day to engage.

Some parents engage via email; others via chat; the rest by SMS.

Some parents are multi-lingual. Some are not. Actionaly makes sure you are always understood.

Regardless of the family structure and needs; we do everything we can to drive engagement


Leverage SMS for hard to reach families or urgent reminders

1-1 Chat

Use chat when a personal message is required (with district oversight)

1-1 Voice

(coming soon)

A parent is just as easy to call, and your info remains private


Let parents define in which language they prefer to receive communications. Actionaly takes care of the rest

Not all information is equal

Need to cut through the noise or get an immediate response from the family? Send an actionable message, be it at district, school, grade or classroom level. Actionable Messaging is designed for "need to do" communications

Need to inform all parents with district or school-wide information, with great pictures & videos? Send a newsletter that parents can read at their leisure

Need a quick exchange with a family, chat or call them straight from Actionaly

The point is... use the right format to share the right content, and get amazing engagement!

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it"

Every interaction is measured, compiled and shared with insights to the school & district to act upon.

It starts with getting 100% accurate information from families; building the household profile, and tracking engagement.

Coming soon, you'll have automated reports that you can include for board meetings, LCAP reporting; highlighting how family engagement evolved over time!

Simplicity is key to get things done

Easy to follow templates for teachers

- District to allocate templates based on needs

A simple app for parents to engage.

- Clear differentiation between "need to do" & "good to know".

Administrators with all the required oversights

- All pre-configured for 1-click deployment (once rostering data is received)

And so much more....


No app download or login required to get started; parents start by receiving email / SMS


Single Sign-On support
(Google & Partners)


Integrations via OneRoster


Multi-lingual support


Open to all your communities PTA, PTO, Fundraising, extra-curricular